WWDC: Covering the coverage

  • Leopard to ship in coming Spring
  • all tech included in Mac OS X Leopard
    developer preview TODAY – Look for it on Bittorrent soon!
  • didn’t talk about ical – moving to multiuser
  • seriously enhance iChat:

    make it better – multiple logins, visibility, animated icons, video recording, and tabbed chats
    show slides to family and friends
    iphoto slideshow that you can talk over
    photobooth effects

    Keynote presentation the same way – done across iChat video connection
    Backdrops – wouldn’t it be great if you could be somewhere other than where you are?

    no green screen – steps out of frame, set the background, automatically masks out background

  • dashboard: For developers: dashcode
    helps to design, develop and debug dashboard widgets

    Dashboard in Leopard… 2500 widgets currently available..

    Now opening up Safari and opening up a comic strip dilbert.com. Let’s say you want a widget of that comic. All you have to do is click a button in Safari and opens it up in safari. Crop the webpage, and click done. Now the dilbert cartoon shows up in a widget. Now, everyday, the latest comic strip will show up in a widget.

  • major enhancements – mail:
    stationary added
    notes added
    to-do’s added
    industry standard html email
    can take any incoming mail message and turn it into a to-do
    priority, alarms, etc.
    new special mailbox called “notes” to keep them separate
    any app can contribute and create to-dos
    ical tied into it
  • Number 7: Universal Access. “Mac OS X is so great that we want everyone to be able to use it. We’ve made major enhancements to VoiceOver, Braille support, closed captioning support, faster, better navigation.” He is playing the Tiger Voice TTS engine. It is choppy from Tiger. Plays the Vista beta version. Better than Tiger. Now playing the Leopard version. Much much more seemless. TTS sounds fantasic from Leopard.
  • – 6 is Core Animation.

    Core animation lets you dramatically increase the production values of your application. Lets you take a scene and decostruct it into layers. Text, images, video, OpenGL.
  • FYI:

  • spotlight to search OTHER machines if you have permissions adding recent items to spotlight
  • 4th feature is Spaces. Spaces is a new way of working on your Mac
  • Virtual Desktops
  • next gen front row & photo booth built into leopard
  • reaction to boot camp has been good will ship as part of leopard 2 million downloads
  • can find entire roll of deleted photos back in time
  • Have you ever had an incident where you accidentlaly overwrote your files and you wish you could just go back in time? With Time Machine, you can
  • Time Machine automatically backs it up. It backs up everything, your OS, your folder. You can also restore a la carte. Mising one file, one folder, restore it. backup to HD, or server
  • New Feature Time Machine. how many use automated software to stay always backed up?
    only 4%
  • 10.5: can run 32 bit apps side by side with 64 bit – no emulation, no translation
    full support, top to bottom
  • top secret features of Lepord not being shown, just not letting you know what they are, b/c don’t want Microsoft to copy

  • Apple debuts the new Intel-based Xserve. Apple says is 5x faster than previous generation Xserves. Features a smaller processor, less cooling due to power efficient ships, redundant power supplies, and up to 5TB of storage. Pricing starts at $3000 (standard config), about $300 cheaper than comparable Dell server. Apple will also offer 1 million BTO configurations.
  • The Intel transition was 210 days to complete–faster than anybody else
  • Mac Pro: Intel Core Duo 2…2 processors making it a quad system. up to 3Ghz, up to 3TB of storage, base configuration for $2499 (2.6GHz/256MB/SuperDrive)…”Millions” of other configurations via BTO. Now shipping. Up to dual dual-core 3GHz, 16GB of RAM, 2TB of storage, and ATI Graphics graphics x1900 or Nvidia FX4500
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