Free Moola

Remember Moola? It is a free online game where you can double your money. They start you off with a penny, and you play games against someone else. Someone doubles up, someone loses. If you double up 30 times you win over $10 million….and it is free!

Well when I was playing there was only one game…Gold Rush. They have since added 2 additional games, which are just as addicting, Hi/Lo and Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu.

Hi/Lo is pretty much the classic TV game show Card Sharks. You say higher or lower based on the card that is visible. You are playing against your opponent to see who can guess all 10 correctly first, or whoever gets the furthest before running out of lives.

You can take up a turn and lock in your progress, or sacrifice a life and lock in your progress and change that card. There seems to be less strategy to this game than the other two.

Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu is rock, paper, scissors but with a twist. The twist is that the sensei will give a bonus if you don’t use one of the 3 options even if you don’t win the round. There are 6 rounds total, so you have to play to win, but also play to win the bonus at least a few rounds. Skill is needed to help determine how many more points you will need to win, plus some luck couldn’t hurt.

There are more games on the way, and the system which picks a player has been updated quite a bit and is much faster.

I have 2 invites left, but if you search for invites, they are quite easy to be found.  Play Moola today!


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