Meebo Me

meeboI personally haven’t used Meebo since the second day it came out. The reason for this is that I was on a SLOW connection and the script couldn’t keep up.Today, I decided to check it out again. It is still in alpha, but it seems quite improved. If you don’t know what a Meebo is let me explain.

If you are online the odds are that you have at least 1 if not 4 different IM names with one or more services in the instant message game. Meebo allows you to consolidate all of them into 1 buddy list.

Now you are asking me, what about Trillian (pc) or Adium (Mac)? Those are great programs…but this one isn’t a “program” per say. It is a website. You can IM, move windows, have your buddy list anywhere you want…all within the Firefox/IE/Safari/etc. It’s AJAX and another great addition to the Web 2.0.
As of today, they have also released a new widget for your blog, myspace, etc: Meebo Me. You can add a little code snipet to your site and anyone can IM you anytime you are logged into your Meebo page. I’ve added it to my blog and MySpace account.

So, if you haven’t been there in a while, or never been at all….check out Meebo for all of your IM needs.


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