September 12th…

Okay, I think the day after my birthday just got better than my birthday itself. Sept 12th, there is rumor that there will be an Apple Keynote in San Francisco that is broadcast over at the Apple Expo in Paris.

Will it be movie downloads in the iTunes MUSIC store, Intel Core Duo 2 laptops (my MacBook might be on eBay soon if this happens), updated Mac Mini, iPhone, or new iPods?

On this day, T-Mobile is supposed to release the Blackberry Pearl as well. What if the iPhone comes out…That would be a tough call between the best Blackbery released to date and the iPhone. I guess it would come down to features.

I hope I get some extra spending money for my birthday…I’ve got a few new gadgets to buy 😉

Vista prices and pre-order

You can now pre-order Vista on Amazon

  • Vista Home Basic: Upgrade $99, Full $199
  • Vista Home Premium: Upgrade $159, Full $239
  • Vista Business: Upgrade $199, Full $299
  • Vista Ultimate: Upgrade $259, Full $399

These prices seem quite a bit more than the OS X upgrades I have purchased….The main version I am interrested in is the one with Media Center. I believe that the Home Premium version includes this, but I can’t say for sure. I seriously hope I don’t have to purchase the Ultimate upgrade.

Wait, with all this Windows Advantage anti-pirated copy stuff, can you upgrade from a pirated copy of XP?

Google CEO joins Apple's board


WOW…my two favorite things in the world are coming together. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has joined the board of directors over at Apple. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “Like Apple, Google is very focused on innovation and we think Eric’s insights and experience will be very valuable in helping to guide Apple in the years ahead.”

This is awesome….but what does it mean for Pages, iCal and iWeb? Will they work with Google in some sort of Google Grid to get rid of .Mac? I posted previously how Google is trying to be the new .Mac.

ericschmidtWhat about GDrive aka Platypus?  Will it be incorporated into Time Machine, so that your computer is always backed up on Google’s servers? Now that would be sweet.

I can’t wait to see what is to become of the two companies working together.