New Google Services

UK developer Tony Ruscoe got his hands on a Google tester account at and found these new services in testing:


So, here is the list of Google services uncovered:

  • Google Events: We already have Calendar, what might this be?
  • Google Guess: Tony ponders if this service will guess what you want to search for.
  • Google Real Estate Search: Sounds a bit like Google Base… or will this be a web-wide real estate search engine?
  • Mobile Marketplace: EBay for mobile phones or…?
  • New Service aka Workplace: Microsoft Office… on the web? The handle for this project is “WF”.
  • Google Weaver aka M Scrapbook: This service has been uncovered a while ago, actually… but now Tony finds that it redirects to a service named “H9”. Tony takes a guess: if “M” stands for “Medical,” maybe “H” stands for “Health”?
  • Google RS2: This one has been previously uncovered as well, but Tony says it’s linked to Google Translate… is it related to Google’s machine translation efforts?
  • Google Online Assessment: What could this be?
  • More: Other codenames appearing were “CF”, “GMT”, and “Voice”.

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