Google Calendar Button – UPDATED!

Quite a while ago (days after the launch of Google Calendar) I launched the Google Calendar Button Creator with the coding help of Adam from NLO. The site got dugg and blogged about all over the internets. It has been a great tool for everyone to use, but it has been lacking a few details that were never fixed.

Today, I have re-coded the site to include many new features:

Automatic time zone detection: The service now detects your timezone and adjusts when others outside your time zone add the event to their GCal.

Website Name and Link: You can now include a link to your website in the event.

Add Guests to the Event: You can now include the email address of other guests that are to be included in the event.

Share all of your events: You can now share an entire calendar with anyone. They will add your calendar into theirs with one simple click.
A Google Calendar Button is great to add to your MySpace, corporate event website, personal website, blog, event, your next podcast or live show, etc.

Check it out at or

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