Skype free to Japan


Don’t forget that this weekend only, you can Skype Japan for free.


2 thoughts on “Skype free to Japan

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We are general MobiGater distributor of Pacific and Asia. We take the liberty of enclosing a user guide.

    MobiGater is a Skype to GSM and GSM to Skype gateway.This unique device connects your mobile phone to your home computer or notebook that runs Skype. MobiGater enables you to make cheap calls to your Skype contacts as well as to cellular and fixed-line phones all over the world via your mobile phone. You can do this without the need to sit in front of your computer. It is also very easy for other people to reach you. Be smart and Make your Skype mobile.

    It has a potential market in your country, We believe that there would be a wide market through our mutual effort. please write us an email or call us to negitiate further information. thank you.

    You can also get to know more of our product on the website

    Your early reply would be appreciated at your convenience.

    Best Regards

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