Sidekick 3 vs Blackberry 8700g


Well today I will be getting my Sidekick 3 in the mail. I am going to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 14 day buyer’s remorse period and try out the SK3 for 2 weeks.

The phones for the most part provide all of the same essential services that I will be using. Push email, EDGE speed, QWERTY keyboards, bluetooth phone support, sync with PC and Mac, etc.

The SK3 does offer some extras like a 2 gig mp3 player, FULL AIM & MSN Messenger Support, 1.3 megapixel camera, HiFi ringtones, etc.

Here’s where my major hangup is. The BB8700 has Gtalk support, where the SK3 doesn’t. I used to be on AIM with everyone I knew, but since Google has added Gtalk into Gmail, everyone I know uses Gtalk. I rely on Gtalk for 99% of my IM conversations now. I don’t even have AIM running (mainly b/c there is no good client on my BB8700).

Also, I know that the SK3 will never provide EDGE access, and though the BB8700 doesn’t currently, it is more likely that it will.

So will the extra features on the SK3 outweigh the benefits of the BB8700? I guess I will know in 2 weeks. I will post  my thoughts every few days.


12 thoughts on “Sidekick 3 vs Blackberry 8700g

  1. I say go back to the Sidekick, you used to be very happy with the Sidekick before. I think once you get back you will wonder why you left it before. I finally found a Treo replacement with the SK3. Never thought that would happen.

    As for GTalk, you can always email and im, and if you need go back to aim, I signed up for an aim account for the first time in years since going to the SK3.

    Its a great phone, although I am sure you already know that. I could not be happier with it. The only issue I have had is with Missing Sync and that is third party not a SK issue.

  2. I can’t imagine the sk3 will beat the 8700, I had a sk2, returned it 2 days later. but in terms of their not being a good aim client for the bb, I use verichat and couldnt be more thrilled with it. I used it on all my treos and when I got the 8700 through it on that. One fault, you have to have a pc to hardinstall it, but I emailed them telling them I use a mac so they sent me a OTA download version via email. works perfectly. check it out

  3. i need help in tryin to find way to download my own personal ringtones that i was able to make, i use a mac power book with bluetooth ablities and it wont sync with my phone and says it doesnt support it, it is a sk3


  4. I just got my sk 3 today in mail. I originally thought about getting blackberry 8700g, but stayed with sk 3 cuz I had sk 1 and sk2.. it’s easier to just transfer all the files/memory to a new one. However, I’m tempted to try out the blackberry because I’d like a change and it looks more grown-up. So, NICK, please let me know which one you like the best and why. THANKS! 🙂

  5. Im tired of the sidekick2 and want a professional phone. I looked at the dash and like the size and also the bb. My only problem is that like the mda, the aim on the dash is so delayed. I was wondering why that is and if the bb8700 or the 8800 is just as fast or even better?

  6. i have an sk3 and there’s really no big deal about it I really wish i got the blackberry there is just so much more to do and it is a lot smaller and nicer looking plus it is impossible to put music on my sk3

  7. Dude its really eas yto put music on a sidekick 3 u plug it in and go to my computer go on sidekick and in the music folder jsut drag you r music SImple

  8. 😕 I am so confused…
    I don’t know whether to get a bb8700g or Dash or sidekick 3 . I want something that will go with my blue tooth. With a full key board, I don’t really use the phone for internet but its nice to have. I don’t really care for too much bulk either…So confused 😕

  9. plz i have blackberry 8700 and i dont know how i go to the internet and i dont know any information about it the only things i know is that i can call and i can answer can any 1 tell me plz the steps for internet or wats in this phone

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