Episode 4: Jump out the window

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After we recorded Episode 3 with CC and Carmen, we decided to record a second episode that night, and this is the drivel that spilled out. We’ve got Pause Guy in the studio, and Shane joins the cast with his stories of celebrity sightings.

In this episode we find out that Mike Vinny Testaverde shops at the Super Red Dot Store, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie star in the next season of Hookers on a Farm, White Trash tattoos, the Sex Ed video, born again virgins, and Mike tells us the longest story with absolutetly zero point to it. I’d like to say the episode gets better as it goes along, but then I’d be lying. If there is ever an episode to skip, this is the one.

That being said, Episode 5 should be out later this week which turned out to be our best episode yet…stay tuned for that.

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