Episode 2: Guy's night out

More Meat Than Tuna

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It’s about time Episode 2 came out, and alas there are no women in this episode. It’s guy’s night out and we are just chillin’ out talking about the previous week’s adventures.
In this episode:

Eric tells us about Fon.com in this week’s “Nerd Alert” segment, expired beer, Nick’s date hang out with a girl, Geek Porn (Unboxing.com), Mike fails to get a woman, PauseGuy and Candi call in, the lack of sports right now, the plans to get Nick drunk, “hata blockers” and “shoulder leans”, and Nick finds out why people say “I’d put it in her butt.”

Its the first episode we recorded, so the audio isn’t as great as episode 1, but there’s so much great content we had to put it out for our fans.

Stay subscribed, as Episode 3 will be out this week, and Carmen’s back with her friend CC for some love tips, as well as girls kissing.

Make sure to send us feedback about what you think about the episode. We hope you enjoy.

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