Zooomr – It's free for me (and you)

Well I got an email from Thomas Hawk about the Zooomr free pro account deal the other day, and I decided to sign up and give it a try. Any blogger who signs up for an account and then posts about Zooomr gets a free pro account.

Thomas is the Chief Evangelist for Zooomr (hey Thomas I need a job…are they hiring?)

It has a lot of features Flickr only wishes it had, but I have only played with it for a bit. I can’t say that it will be my end all solution for photos online, but it would be nice to get away from relying on a Yahoo (yuck) product. It would be nice if Zooomr could automatically import all my Flickr pics with tags included.

BTW, I really like that you can sign up thru a number of different ways. I personally used my Google login, but they offer Google, Level9 R5, OpenID, LiveJournalâ„¢, and Meetro.


So sign up today and try it for yourself, and then get a free WordPress.com blog and blog about it for your free Pro acct.


8 thoughts on “Zooomr – It's free for me (and you)

  1. Hey Nick. Thanks for checking it out.

    Re: “It would be nice if Zooomr could automatically import all my Flickr pics with tags included.”

    Hopefully this will happen. Kris is working to finish our API and Stewart has indicated that Flickr will allow competitors with reciprocal API keys access to Flickr’s API key. Assuming this all goes through we should be able to build a way for you to import your Flickr photos, tags and metadata directly into Zooomr. We are hoping to have our API done by our 2.0 launch on Friday.

    I wish we were hiring. Just a few guys bootstraping it for now. Hopefully in the future though. I’ve always thought you belonged in San Francisco.



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