iMac replaces eMac

A Special 17″ iMac Core Duo has replaced the eMac for education customers at the Apple store today. It’s only $899 for the new iMac, but it’s pretty slim on the features.

Combo drive (no option for SuperDrive), Intel GMA 950 64megs graphics (shared), 1.83Ghz Core Duo, iSight, Airport, and yet no Bluetooth.

You can bump it to 160 gigs for only $50 (great price), and the ram follows Apple’s expensive upgrade price structure $90 for 1 gig, $270 for 2 gigs.

It doesn’t even come with an Apple remote, although it does include Front Row. The remote is a $26 add on.

I would of bought this machine over my Mac Mini ($779). I don’t like the 17″ display, but I already have an Apple 20″. Oh well, maybe my Mac Mini will sell, and I can upgrade.

Looks like I will be using this as a PC as well as a Mac for a project where I need 2 pc’s…so my next PC will be a Mac.


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