Welcome back Homestar Runner

Well I was sort of taking a 4 day weekend from blogging, but when I saw this, I had to post it. Homestar Runner and all the crew are back from a vacation. The Brother’s Chaps father had died recently, and it’s glad to see that they are back and able to bring us the content we all remember.


If you don’t know what Homestar Runner or Strong Bad Emails are, then you are totally missing out on the web’s best cartoon. It’s great for all ages.

Check out their welcome back video.


3 thoughts on “Welcome back Homestar Runner

  1. I’d been wondering where they’d gone.

    I can’t believe this summer marks five years that I’ve been visiting that site. Unreal.

  2. Nick, two things .. one, a question (help) … My windows pc has a little yellow sheild in the bottom corner, says “download is ready to install” .. .but when I click on it to see what it is, it’s a Windows spyware that wants to make sure I have a “registered” product … okay, I do. But to heck with them prying their way into my computer every day … is there anyway to get rid of the little yellow sheidl and the program? it won’t go away, and I refuse to install it …

    Second, Homestar is okay, but not the best cartoon on the Web, my loyalty remains with http://www.itsjerrytime.com

    cleary tops …




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