Google Calendar Button – UPDATED!

Quite a while ago (days after the launch of Google Calendar) I launched the Google Calendar Button Creator with the coding help of Adam from NLO. The site got dugg and blogged about all over the internets. It has been a great tool for everyone to use, but it has been lacking a few details that were never fixed.

Today, I have re-coded the site to include many new features:

Automatic time zone detection: The service now detects your timezone and adjusts when others outside your time zone add the event to their GCal.

Website Name and Link: You can now include a link to your website in the event.

Add Guests to the Event: You can now include the email address of other guests that are to be included in the event.

Share all of your events: You can now share an entire calendar with anyone. They will add your calendar into theirs with one simple click.
A Google Calendar Button is great to add to your MySpace, corporate event website, personal website, blog, event, your next podcast or live show, etc.

Check it out at or

Flip4Mac – Released as UniBin

flip4macFlip4Mac, the product released in the final days of Windows Media Player support for OS X has finally gone universal binary. You can download it for the new Intel based Macs and run your WMV files finally. I’ve had a number of friends wanting to know how to watch their wmv’s (read: he wanted to watch porn) on their new MacBook Pro. Well, the answer is finally here.

Download the new version today.

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Well at my new job, I am Director of Marketing, but I was hired to do any IT functions that are needed by the company (which fortunately are very few). So, I guess since I can’t wish the sysAdmin here a sysAdmin Day, have a great day to the guys over at Dreamhost where this site is hosted. They do a great job of hosting most of my domains, and offer great prices and over 1 terabyte of bandwidth a month.

You can save $50 off your first year of hosting with code: NickStarr or only $5 Setup Fee (Save $45) with code: NickStarr2.

Thanks again Dreamhost for keeping the site going (especially after the digg/gizmodo/ZDNet/Unboxing influx of traffic the other day). Happy System Admin Day!

Google Talk: New Features

Google Talk has been updated with a bunch of new features:

  • File transfer: Send unlimited files & folders to your chat friends.
  • Voicemail: Leave voice messages when your friend’s not around. They’ll get your message sent as email attachment.
  • Music status: You can let your friends know about the music you’re currently listening to.

New Google Services

UK developer Tony Ruscoe got his hands on a Google tester account at and found these new services in testing:


So, here is the list of Google services uncovered:

  • Google Events: We already have Calendar, what might this be?
  • Google Guess: Tony ponders if this service will guess what you want to search for.
  • Google Real Estate Search: Sounds a bit like Google Base… or will this be a web-wide real estate search engine?
  • Mobile Marketplace: EBay for mobile phones or…?
  • New Service aka Workplace: Microsoft Office… on the web? The handle for this project is “WF”.
  • Google Weaver aka M Scrapbook: This service has been uncovered a while ago, actually… but now Tony finds that it redirects to a service named “H9”. Tony takes a guess: if “M” stands for “Medical,” maybe “H” stands for “Health”?
  • Google RS2: This one has been previously uncovered as well, but Tony says it’s linked to Google Translate… is it related to Google’s machine translation efforts?
  • Google Online Assessment: What could this be?
  • More: Other codenames appearing were “CF”, “GMT”, and “Voice”.

Unboxing: Sidekick 3


Of course I took photos of the unboxing of my new Sidekick 3. There are a lot of things that I like compared to the previous models of the Sidekick, and things I don’t like. Being a converted Blackberry user, the lack of 3rd party apps, and no Gtalk seriously degrade this device in terms of usage for myself.

This is a great cell phone, and if you are still a Sidekick fan, I highly suggest you upgrade. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out my Flickr set of the unboxing.


So I know it is the middle of summer, and I live in Florida, but damn clever marketing (Read: hot babes) made me post about this new product, the Hear Muff.

They seem to offer 2 types of products: HearMuff and SonicDome both available in black, navy, baby yelo, khaki green , dark red and camo grey. The SonicDome covers your entire head, while the HearMuff simply cover your ears in cold weather (didn’t I say that I was in Florida?).

These are no headphones, they are a fleece material with internal stereo speakers that will work with any standard headphone jack. They sell for $25, so get them now before the weather starts to turn. Personally, I will NEVER have a use for these…but hey they have hot babes on their site.

Sidekick 3 stand

Blackberry 8700g on Ped2

I’ve been using my Ped2 from ThoughtOut for my Blackberry 8700 while at work and home. The SK3 is quite a bit larger in width…I’m sure that it would fit vertically.

After speaking with Mike from ThoughtOut, he told me that he could customize a Ped2 to be a Ped2 XL that can fit a wider item, even to include the width of a cd, and might even start marketing this as a new product on the site. I remember at the PME someone wanted a Ped2 to fit a PSP, this new Ped2 XL seems like it might just do the job.

Speaking of cd’s, you get a free cd from an up-and-coming independent artist with each Ped purchase.