MacBook – "Protect" from yellow

There have been pictures of white MacBooks with “oil” residue from hands resting on the notebook, and I can see small spots where this could eventually evolve into something nasty on mine.

Enter the Marware Protection pack for the white or black MacBook. It includes a wrist rest and a microfiber laptop keyboard cover. It says that it leaves no residue when removing. Sounds like the perfect solution.

They also make one for iBooks, PowerBooks, and MacBook Pros. All models are only $19.95, well worth it if you ask me.

Buy them here.

Update: It seems as if the yellow color is occuring even if there is some sort of shield or protection on the MacBook. This is not simply an issue of cleaning your hands everytime you use your system, it’s a issue in the design. Apple needs to come up with a solution ASAP. For now I will be using my Marware Protection Pack to cover up the yellow that is starting to show, but this isn’t a permanent solution.


9 thoughts on “MacBook – "Protect" from yellow

  1. Yeah I read that it was confirmed that it wasn’t a surface item, but this way at least you have a soft surface, and don’t have to see the yellow if it does appear.

  2. this is very ironic. You STOLE and cropped a picture that could possibly DISPROVE your point. I believe you took the picture from here: and cropped it. the reflection on the trackpad is the major giveaway.

    Furthermore, on the page, the person describes using invisibleshield, a thin CLEAR adhesive plastic shield, to cover it. The point was that with the plastic barrier, there still was discoloration.

    Your suggestion to use the Mareware Macbook Protection Pack is akin to sweeping dust under the rug or covering spills/messes with newspaper (a la “Big Daddy)

    ps – there is no way a macbook trackpad is that shiny without some covering on it.

  3. Okay, the picture is hotlinked from I didn’t steal it. Hotlinking is common pratice on the internet. I never claimed that was my MacBook, or that mine is that discolored.

    I understand that the discoloration is now said to occur reguardless of any protection used, which I think is a HUGE flaw in the design. There needs to be a fix from Apple with this issue. It is unacceptable for something like this to happen after only a few weeks on a product that is meant to last years.

    I understand the Marware Protection Pack is pretty much sweeping the dust under the rug, but I’d rather have a nice rug, than a yellowish stain.

  4. i apologize for being so rash/harsh in my words. if i could edit my comments, i would. The pic you hotlinked from is created by the same person who posted the pics on flickr. and i did not see that you linked to the original article.

    However, in light of the discoveries, it might be better if you rename your page’s name to from “protect” to “cover-up” because “protect” is mis-leading,

  5. The yellowing is a definite problem…I have a macbok and the places where my hands are have started to yellow aswell as the trackpad button. My friend who is doing a forensic degree says that sweat is acidic and when they touch certain matrials it can leave a yellowish stain. So surely a plastic cover which i am looking to buy would stop this.

  6. I just bought a new macbook, and after 2 wks I’ve noticed the yellow marks. I removed them with a facial wipe but it annoyed me that apple still haven’t fixed this problem, as your entry was in june ’06. Any other news or advice on this issue?

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