eBay time…

Time to sell off some stuff I have lying around, and don’t use anymore.

T-Mobile Blackberry 7290…I’ve upgraded to the Blackberry 8700 (and maybe Sidekick 3). This is the Blackberry that has become the industry standard. Great for a phone, IM client, Google maps, 411, PUSH email, and will work on corporate and non-corp networks. It’s the phone that got me to switch from the Sidekick series, so it HAS to be a great phone.

Intel Core Duo Mac Mini 1.66 – I bought this the day it came out, when Chase Squires was following me around for the story in the St. Pete Times. It’s a great computer, just with my MacBook and my MCE, I really don’t need another desktop computer. It comes with the remote for FrontRow, Adobe Photoshop CS, iWork ’06, iLife ’06, Microsoft Office 2004, and I will leave XP Pro that I installed via Boot Camp on the device.

Casio EX-Z57 5 megapixel 2.7″ screen – I upgraded to the 10 megapixel model, and thus mine is up for sale. I bought it less than a year ago for around $300….eBay prices are around $200 for it now. This is a great camera, and I’ve used it at MANY tech events, and pratically every picture in my Flickr stream has been taken with it (granted I’m not the most professional photographer either). I will have a link for this auction up as soon as I can.

That’s it for now…

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