Flickr iPhoto export

Well it was free for quite some time, now you have to pay. The FlickrExport 2.0 product from Connected Flow can be purchased for £12 (that’s about $21 US).

You can try it for a month for free, but are limited to:

  • You may only upload 5 photos in any one upload session, but you can upload as many batches of 5 as you like
  • Each photo will be tagged with “flickrexport2demo”.
  • Each photo will have “Uploaded with a demo version of FlickrExport 2” appended to its description.
  • I still have a 2.0 beta installed and am going to see how long that lasts before I am forced to upgrade.

    It is a great product, and the easiest way to get your iPhoto pictures into Flickr, but with tools for the PC, a standalone Mac Flickr Uploadr, and the 1001 Flickr program for OSX does it make sense to pay $21 for a small convenience?


    One thought on “Flickr iPhoto export

    1. Grmbl.

      I paid for iPhoto, I paid for a Flickr Pro account and now suddenly I have to pay for a program that used to be free? I’m forced to, because the old version doesn’t work with iPhoto 6.

      I don’t like being forced into paying. If I like a program, I will pay. Even if it is free. Back in the PC days I used Irfanview every day. The author made a special registered version due to public demand. Yes, I paid. I still miss Irfanview dearly. Preview doesn’t come close to it.

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