Camino Browser

Okay so I’ve been using Firefox and Safari on my systems for quite a while now. I even tried Camino back in it’s beta days. I never really liked it compared to Safari for the mac.

Recently it turned 1.0.2, and is also a universal binary. I installed it on my new core duo Mac Mini and MacBook, and I really like it.

It loads up just as fast as Safari does, which (in terms of icon bounces) is about half a jump.

Some advantages it has over Safari, is that you can use all the AJAX-y stuff in many websites (including WordPress), opening links from gmail appear in a new tab (Safari does a new window), and built in web ad blocker.

It doesn’t allow plugins like Firefox, but it manages to keep a mac style. I think it is the best browser for the mac out there. Firefox is okay, but simply doesn’t pack the speed that Camino does.

Download Camino here.


5 thoughts on “Camino Browser

  1. I´ve been using Camino for a while now in my iBook G4, and I can tell you it is indeed the faster mac browser. I don´t know whether it depends on the systems config, but to me, it´s the fastest between Safari, Opera, Shiira and IE (I have´em all).

  2. Also have been using Camino and it is easily better than Safari.

    However, yesterday I downloaded the latest Opera V9 for Mac. Its actually very good.

    You should try it; its a little different but great in many ways. I like how I can reskin it – can never stop myself fiddling!

  3. I am running WinXP on my laptop, I use mainly FF because I like the privacy features (no cache and everything is wiped at end of session). As far as picking my favorite browser, Opera. I like the popups go to new tabs, and I can close it without viewing it.

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