I love this equation, I’ve argued it with professors and teachers for years. My favorite part is that if there could be such a number as 1.000..1, then with one of the proofs, you could then prove that .999…=1=1.000…1, therefore every number equals every other number.

Too bad there is no such number as 1.000…1.


3 thoughts on “.9999999…=1

  1. too bad that you can’t do it. my calc teacher showed us that. there’s a simple violation that seems like it would work. it fails because you can’t simply subtract an infintiely repeating number from another.

  2. hi,

    thanks for taking up the cause from my blog. i saw that someone came to my blog from here, but i can’t find the link…if you use my little graphic, i’d appreciate a nearby link. not mad, just a suggestion.


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