Riya – Mac Uploader


Riya, the face recognition photo host, now has an uploader for the Mac.

This comes just days after Google opens up Picasa Web Albums. Riya does offer the ability to search your pictures for people based on their face, but is that enough?


2 thoughts on “Riya – Mac Uploader

  1. Offering the ability to search my pictures based on face is actually WONDERFUL! 🙂 Who has the time to tag photos? Well… some people do, but not I! My Picasa photo collection may be neatly categorized by date, but if I want to find a person? Oh man.

    This, on the other hand, sounds like a pretty nice solution… imagine mixing it up with pets or any other kinds of objects? Auto-tagging by image recognition. HOT. Sir. HOT.

    Now. If only it wasn’t a hosted solution…

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