Google Picasa Web Album

Well here’s another attempt at a “Flickr killer”, Picasa Web Album (Did I ever mention how much I hate it when something is described as a “killer”)

This doesn’t come close to all of the features in Flickr, which is tough for me to say since I love Google products. You get 250 megs of space in total (not per month). You can pay $25/year for 6 gigs (Flickr is $24.95/year for 2 gigs upload per month).

You can upload via Picasa (PC only) or via the web as individual photos. This is a great product, but some sort of iPhoto plugin would be nice.

This seems like yet another way that Google is not only trying to get one over on Yahoo!, but also another attempt to become the new .Mac.


One thought on “Google Picasa Web Album

  1. I won’t be switching to Picasa Web Albums anytime soon. It’s too limited. I love the Picasa application, and it’s nice to upload straight from that, but that’s not enough to be a deal-maker.

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