LaLa – Trade CD's for $1

PeerFlix is a service that allows you to trade DVD’s for $1 and keep them as long as you want. They have been around for a while now….

Enter the Music version, LaLa. It’s the same concept, $1 to trade (plus shipping cost $0.49). You get the shipping envelope as well to ship it.  They even give 20% to the artist. As far as they say it is 100% legal. You can keep the cd as long as you want, or trade it on after burning listening to it.

There is no monthly cost at all, it is 100% free until you decide to get a cd. It does a good job at recommendations based on the band, etc.


The one major problem I have with this system, is the very few cd’s I still own, have no case. Without trading a cd you can’t get one. So this service doesn’t work that well for someone in my position.

Think of it as a service slightly more expensive than AllofMp3 but waaay cheaper than iTunes.

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