Google is trying to also be .Mac

After Google’s Spreadsheets they just came out with, everyone is saying how they are trying to become the new Microsoft Office. What people haven’t noticed is how Google is also making .mac virtually obsolete.

Here are some of the .mac vs Google features:

  • Apple’s iWeb blogs = Google’s Blogger & Google Pages
  • .Mac mail = Gmail (I personally think Gmail wins hands down on this one)
  • iDisk = Gdrive (not out yet, but we are sure to see this soon)
  • Apple Backup = okay Google doesn’t have this yet
  • .mac sync = Google’s new Browser Sync

and with Google’s latest offering, the Google Browser Sync….This is Firefox only, but I know quite a number of mac users who use Firefox as their main browser.

It allows you to continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers. It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions. .Mac doesn’t even offer all of these features.

Watch out Apple and Microsoft, Google is coming for you.

Update: Looks like this story was picked up by a few major blogs, including TUAW and Hawk Wings. Some comments I’ve come across. Google Calendar is superior to the iCal features offered on the web. There is no GDrive yet, but is free for 1 gig, and can now be mounted to OSX.

I want to say that I don’t think that the Google services offered are 100% comparable to .mac, but you can’t beat free. I personally don’t use any of the .mac features. I bought it to try out the iLife publishing options, which are quite cool, but I like to use my own blogging software, and Flickr for publishing pictures work fine for me.

It’s all what you personally prefer. I have a Google ap open 100% of the time I am at a computer. I can’t remember the last time I used one of my .mac features.


7 thoughts on “Google is trying to also be .Mac

  1. “Watch out Microsoft and Apple, Google is coming for you.”

    Uh, maybe Google will be able to compete in some applications, but Apple’s .Mac is a small piece of the Apple machine. Subscriptions are doing well, it works really well, and there’s no reason for a .Mac user to switch to Google. So, it’s no big deal. Apple just has to keep adding on to .Mac, and there won’t be anything to worry about.

  2. Interesting – I would pay pretty well to whoever wins this one! I use .Mac pretty heavily: email, blog, video/audio, photos, storage, backup, sync, etc. I’d be interested in seeing if Google could deliver the same services. The price is good for me – I’d pay up to $200 a year for decent service. I’m just looking for the best feature set.. more storage, more services, etc.


  3. “..there’s no reason for a .Mac user to switch to Google”.
    I have to disagree with Chris’ comment there. Mac users have every reason to consider Google’s services. I no longer subscribe to .mac as I found it to costly for my needs, so now have Gmail which is far superior to Apple’s webmail service, Google calender from which I can manage on any browser – anywhere, plus I can allow iCal to subsctibe to it, gDisk (an open source app much like iDisk) for backing up my files to my Gmail account, Blogger and now Google Browser Sync. All this for free, looks like a mighty good reason not to have to pay £70 a year to Apple for the extra spit and polish.

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