Sidekick 3 more pics

Well there are more pictures surfacing for the Sidekick 3. There seems to be a Music Player built in and a Mini-SD slot. CRAP….Now I REALLY want this phone. If it has EDGE and the ability to use bluetooth as a modem, I’m all in.


Someone hack Gtalk to work for the SK3 ….PLEASE.


8 thoughts on “Sidekick 3 more pics

  1. What’s up nick?Just to inform my former Sidekickians,the Sidekick III will be euipped with a media player,have a Mini-SD slot,10mb for your email,and more exciting features.For the full layout people,please visit the site it out!

  2. The sidekick 3 looks really cool….if these are real pictures. I have a sidekick 2 now and would love all the features that the new one is supposed to have. However, I am disappointed in the way T-Mobile is handling a new product launch. Their marketing truely sucks. I have experience with advertising and I believe that they should be hammering us with commercials and print ads. I mean, if it is really coming out on 7-10, they really should be building their own hype instead of allowing all this speculation. I personally am losing interest fast.

  3. Marcie…I do see what you’re saying about the marketing although I have to say…if tmobile planned this contagious pathalogical frenzied game of telephone, some sort of genious is in the shadows. And since you’re coming from an advertising background, I assume you’re aware of the many modalities that trigger different demographics. People who have never heard of a sidekick are talking about the sidekick 3. Two things are certain: the unknown and curiousity drive people to do some remarkable things. I have the sidekick 2 and I love it. I had the origional sidekick and I loved it. Just like the device itself, I am addicted to finding out if the sidekick 3 will be unveiled soon. Frustration is your unknown…it doesn’t have to be that way. Be excited about what could be and take responsibility for the fact that you want to own the next sidekick asap.

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