GSpreadsheets – Beta testin'

I’ve got my invite and I’m testing it out with some spreadsheets I use on a daily basis. Updates as I post them below:

  • Okay, I imported a xls with multiple sheets and images on every 3rd page. The images didn’t make it thru. The graph pages didn’t make it thru either.
  • Either Google Spreadsheets or something else is hogging a ton of bandwidth. It runs a bit slow, but then again the connection here is quite slow as well. I think this is slowing down the entire browser.
  • Some functions seem to work like sum, avg, vlookup, and many more.
  • Did I mention it is a bandwidth hog? It is logging me in and out of Gtalk. 
  • It took 45 seconds to update a vlookup on a one page sheet with a list of 15 items. That doesn’t seem to lead to a lot of productivity.
  • This is cool, you can save online. There is no storage limit that I can find, yet no way of storing in a folder either. Looks like the beginnings of GDrive.

I will play around with it more, but for now, with the bandwidth I have here, it doesn’t seem as if this is a viable option for me.


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