Harmon Kardon Drive+Play

This has to be the best iPod accessory I’ve ever used. I purchased it and had it professionally installed over the weekend. It’s called the Harmon Kardon Drive+Play.

It splits up your iPod into the display and wheel. On the dash you mount the display portion. It shows song title, artist, time, and what number the song is in the playlist.
Harmon Kardon Drive+Play

Virtually all of the functions you have on your iPod are available, including shuffle (by song or album), playlists, genre, etc.

In an easily accessable spot, you mount the wheel. It turns right and left, has a menu, forward, play/pause, and back button in the same place as any click wheel iPod. The middle of the button is clickable as well.

It isn’t the touch sensitivity you are used to on an iPod, but it works really well.

Harmon Kardon Drive+Play

It even has an aux in, which allows me to plug my XM directly into it.

I had them install the iPod plug in the small cubby under my dash. It is easy to plug my iPod right in and it starts playing music for me.


All in all, I have to say this is the coolest and best iPod accessory I’ve come across. It is designed to work just like the iPod, and delivers access to your iPod with limited time with your eyes off the road.

I think what really sets it apart is the display. It is mounted perfectly on the dash so that I can control the iPod without messing with looking down at it. The wheel is mounted so I don’t even have to move to control it….this is one cool accessory.

Circuit City has them on sale for $149 ($50 savings) this week. I recommend you go out and buy one today!


3 thoughts on “Harmon Kardon Drive+Play

  1. So, in addition to satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD player, a drink in your cupholder (and probably cellular phone and sandwich), you needed 2 more things on your dashboard to make you have even less time to pay attention to driving? 🙂

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