My quest for a DS Lite

First off let me say that I do in-fact have a Nintendo DS Lite and will have pictures uploaded as soon as I can.

All pieces removed 2, originally uploaded by JPinnix.

It started yesterday when I read that there were retails stores selling them 11 days early. I ran over to my nearest Target and Walmart with no luck.

I had school and work the rest of the day so I gave up my efforts.

Today everyone is reporting that Wal-Mart and Target have fixed the item in the system so it won’t scan. Well I try to  go to Target anyway. An employee in the electronics section opens a drawer full of them, but says he can’t sell them to the 11th. I even try to bribe him and he doesn’t go for it.

My receipt from Sears tucked underneath the box…, originally uploaded by marusin.

I saw on Josh’s Unboxing site that someone had gotten one from Sears, so I head to a Sears Essentials store. I called up first and they had 3. When trying to ring it up, there was some RTV error. I tried to get her to ring up an old box and sell me the lite…she wasn’t having that.

Then I went and checked the online page for Sears. They showed you could order it online and they had them in stock….hrm. Now my wallet was recently stolen so I don’t have any debit cards yet…so how do I order online?

Sears allows gift cards to be used to place an order. Back to Sears I go and buy a $140 gift card. I head out to my car and get on the Sprint Samsung A-920 as a bluetooth modem for my MacBook. I place my order from the parking lot.

I drove around back for the order pickup, and the guy has a DS in hand. He then asks if my name is Daren. Apparently someone else was wise to this trick. I tell him no, it’s Nick and he finds my order and hands me the DS.

Now his Palm Pilot won’t accept my signature, and he even tries…not working. CRAP. He tells me to stay right there and goes into the warehouse. Was he going to get some message that said it couldn’t be sold? Should I make a dash for my car with my item?

Fortunately he got it to work and I walked out with my new Nintendo DS Lite. It is a perfect compliment to my white MacBook. The screen is brighter it is such a beautiful piece of hardware. I can’t wait to play Mario Kart online tonight!

So I got my DS Lite, 10 days before it launches….I couldn’t be happier.
Lite 008
UPDATE: Check out my Flickr set of my new DS. There are a lot of good pics comparing the old DS “phat” to the DS Lite


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