$600 gift card

Someone anonymously sent me a $600 gift card CompUSA. First of all thank you whoever you are. The funny part is that I can’t figure out what to do with it.

I figured I should get a GPS like I posted about last week. So, I did. I bought the TomTom 510. As of today, it no longer will boot up. I have it plugged in and yet it simply won’t turn on. That is going back.

After having the GPS, I realized that I don’t travel outside of the Tampa Bay area that often when I am driving. A GPS isn’t a necessary item for me to buy.

How about an Xbox 360? I could get the big system with games and the works…but I don’t like video games. The only games I do enjoy are the classic Mario games, and I’m getting the new DS Lite on the 11th of June. Xbox 360 crossed off the list.

Okay how about an iPod, got one. I was thinking about the Creative Zen Vision, but alas CompUSA doesn’t sell it. I would like to try the subscription based services like URGE or Napster, but not from CompUSA…sigh.

So what do I buy? I am returning the TomTom today and will have the full $600 back to spend.

A few ideas I am tossing around are an iPod HiFi, but I already have the Fury 2.1 from Sound Druid, the Harmon Kardon Drive + Play for the iPod, new car speakers, or who knows what else….

Anyone have any ideas? What would you buy?


8 thoughts on “$600 gift card

  1. Most people get a dent in their car door anonymously. You sound so nonchalant about a $600 gift – does this happen to you all the time?

    It’s pretty odd that someone as tech hungry as you would have trouble spending it – donating it wouldn’t be a half-bad idea.

    But if you must spend it (you won’t get any guilt from me), how about some rockin software like Photoshop? I’m not sure if you have much of a jones for image tinkering, but if you’re going to start that’s the way to go. I think it actually might cost a little more than $600, though.

    Who knew $600 could be so hard to spend?

  2. The Xbox 360 is not a good option since I don’t have a second tv to extend it to. I already have Photoshop CS and I am not that into graphics, plus Photoshop won’t be a Universal Binary until next year.

    I am thinking about the Harmon Kardon thing and somehting else…..

  3. You could sell it on ebay and just pretend it works…word on the street is that you don’t seem to have a problem doing that.


  4. you could donate it to NLO


    Buy me a cheap laptop, and i will advertise for your site
    ie tell people, put stickers places etc.

    please buy me a laptop, i am going off to a CTY esque camp in the summer and i need one but my parents cant afford it.

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