GPS info needed

After being in a car this past weekend with a TomTom 300 and none of us knowing where to go, I determined the TomTom might not be the best solution out there.

Anyone have any experience with GPS units?

I am currently thinking about the:

TomTom 300

TomTom 500

or leaning toward the Garmin c340.

The Garmin tells you which street name to turn on, not just “turn ahead” like the TomTom does. This would seem to make things easier in a city you were unfamiliar with.

Anyone used any of these models or at least know where to find a decent review? Thanks for the info.


6 thoughts on “GPS info needed

  1. We sell quite some nav-units for Europe in our case. And my choice would be for a Garmin unit, the Nuvi is my nav-unit of choice, small and really good. Garmin has the most experience in navigation and the service is top notch for Europe, compared to TomTom…

  2. DO NOT BUY A TOM TOM unless you are DUMB DUMB. Go with a garmin and learn how to use it instead. You know RTFM and all.

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