Gmail hosted

I got my invite to the Gmail hosted email system today. The ironic part is that I LOVE Gmail, I have it open 24/7 on any computer I am on.

The current setup I have is the emails are forwarded from Dreamhost to my blackberry email address, forwarded to my nickstarr gmail account, and delivered via pop at home. This setup works best for me. I can’t delete the items from my blackberry, but I don’t mind that.

Now, I’ve never used the cheesy webmail programs that come with hosting companies, this provides a great alternative. The problem is that as much as I love Google, this doesn’t seem like the right solution for me.

I signed up my me at nickstarr email address, and was supprised that Google provided detailed directions for a number of webhosts on how to change the MX records, including Dreamhost as the first option.

The change hasn’t gone thru yet (says it will take up to 24 hours). You can create up to 25 email addresses for free. They of course have the Google ads on the page.

If you only have 1 main email address and haven’t been using gmail, then it is great; however, I am currently using 808 MB (30%) of my 2725 MB in nickstarr gmail. I like that all my emails from and my other sites all forward into the nickstarr gmail account. I don’t want to have 2 copies of gmail open.

I also don’t want to have to log out and into my main gmail account to be able to search old emails. If I had Gmail Hosted when I first started using Gmail, I would use that, but this just isn’t the right solution for me.

I did setup the account to forward to my main gmail account and also to my blackberry with filters. I guess the only way this solution would be helpful is if anything ever happened to my gmail account.

Some of the cool features including changing the main logo, chat and calendar are enabled, you can mass create files with a CSV, manage nick names, and create email lists.

This would be a great tool for offices, especially once Writetly and G Drive come out for Google. This could almost elliminate an office’s need to purchase Microsoft Office.


4 thoughts on “Gmail hosted

  1. I still have no idea what this is.
    is it a web based POP client?
    is it an email forwarding system?
    is it superman?

  2. You *can* forward from your hosted nickstarr domain account to your old nickstarr gmail account.

    And you *can* log in to your old gmail account and the new hosted account at the same time.

    I have an “old” gmail account wth hundreds of emails in it. I have set up one of my hosted accounts to forward to that old account. No probs. You can even set up gmail to reply using the address sent to.

    I haven’t tried moving the mail from the old account to one of the new ones though. Haven’t needed to.

  3. its wierd. i use it too, google gave me 200 emails free. maybe its whatever you need it for. i said i needed about 300 b/c its for a school, they agreed.

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