Sprint A-920 Bluetooth modem

One of the first things I had to do was try to setup one of my cell phones with EDGE as a bluetooth modem on my new MacBook.

First phone, T-Mobile Blackberry 8700g…..No go. Apparently the older, non-EDGE Blackberry can be used as a modem, but this one can’t….I hope that someone comes up with a hack or they change this.

Second phone, Sprint Samsung A-920. Thanks again to the Sprint’s Ambassador Program for sending me this phone for 6 months for free. This phone works…it is soo easy to setup.

Simply connect it via bluetooth as a phone, change the phone number to #777 and that’s it.

The speed connects at around 256Kbps, and I can share the connection over the wifi for a mobile access point.


4 thoughts on “Sprint A-920 Bluetooth modem

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  2. Tried this with my G5 iMac and the phone is giving me a user name and password error. Sprint says I need to pay for this service. Is this true?

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