My New MacBook

I have been up in the air about what Apple laptop to purchase. When I saw the MacBook series with pratically the same stats as the MacBook Pro line at a savings of nearly $1000…I decided to go with the MB.

MacBook 2.0Ghz

I am not so keen on the screen size (13.3″ widescreen), but the resolution makes up for it. The old iBook 1.33″ I had was only 1024X768. This goes up to 1280X800.

I think the glossy screen is nice. I don’t see any glare, and it seems to make the screen more crisp.

I got used to the keyboard in seconds. I only wish it had a backlight, because I use Apple+W to close windows, and occasionally I hit Apple+Q on accident.

MacBook 2.0Ghz
I don’t think I am doing the two button scroll correctly. Sometimes it is fast, and sometimes it is sooo slow.

The one minor gripes I have are that the edge is a bit sharp, and constantly resting your hands on the keyboard while typing cuts into your wrists a bit. Also, the screen when closed seems to be a bit off center and hangs over the CD/DVD side a bit.

Other than that I am very happy with it.
There is a Flickr set of it here.

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