Cancel the landline: Skype is free

Skype is now free for any Skype to land line or cell phone in the US or Canada. The only downside to this is that calls are only free till the end of the year; granted the year isn’t even half over with yet.

Here’s some suggestions to help you take advantage of this:
1) Get a SkypeIn number

This way you can not only make outbound calls for free, but people can call you for free as well. The cost is $30 Euros for a year which works out to about $38.41 USD. SkypeIn also comes with voicemail.

2) Get a Skype Phone

The best solution would be to get the DUALphone. It is cordless and expandable. It works with your home phone line (if you keep it) and Skype line. The cost is $139, but it is well worth it. It only works with windows.

You can also get a corded USB solution which ranges in price from $29 to $49.

If you already have a nice phone, you can buy a Skype call box. You plug in your phone to this after plugging it into your windows computer via USB. It costs $69.

There is a special section of the Skype store that shows all of the mac compatable products.

There is also a Skype Starter kit for only $9.95 that you can buy to get yourself started using skype. This solution is compatable with mac and windows.

That’s it…now go and enjoy the free calling while it lasts.


One thought on “Cancel the landline: Skype is free

  1. From the skype website: “In order to use this free product, you need to agree to the SkypeOut Terms of Service.”

    On the Terms of Service page, they reference an “Accept” button that isn’t there 😐 How disappointing.

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