Share your OPML

I’ve always been a fan of what you can do with OPML, even beyond simply using them as a list of all your RSS feeds. There is a new tool to be able to share your OPML with everyone else.

Share your OPML is a tool from Dave Winer which has been redesigned and is quite easy to use. You can post your OPML list from any blog reading software/service, including Bloglines.

It turns out that I am the 5th most prolific subscribers out there (just above Chris Pirillo)…I do read QUITE a bit of items daily. The list shows 1494 feeds, but there are even more then that which I follow. I used to have upwards of 2200 feeds, but once came crashing down, I cut down quite a bit of my Flickr feeds.

You can even see whose subscriptions are closest to your own. Pete Gilbert is most like mine, but Steve Kirks and Drew Domkus are 3rd and 4th on my list. I am the closest to Drew’s subscriptions.

Check it out and share your OPML.


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