saw3Saw (1) was one of the best “scary” movies I’ve seen in quite some time. It was original, entertaining, thrilling and I really enjoyed the movie. Saw II, continued the series and wasn’t as good as the first one, mainly because you knew the pattern and were expecting most things.

Saw III, come one…Isn’t it a bit much? Sure they setup the ending of Saw II for a 3rd in the series, but I really hope they stop at 3. This shouldn’t turn into a Freddy/Jason type of series with 87 sequels.

I will see it, mainly because the first one was one of the only thriller/scarry movies I have ever enjoyed….but stop it at 3….PLEASE!

Saw 3 website


2 thoughts on “Saw III

  1. Yeah, Nick… just thought you should know “scarry” refers to bearing scars or wounds, whereas “scary”, the word I assume you meant to use in referring to the Saw movies, means causing fright or alarm. Just thought I’d help you out man.

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