Star Wars: Non-Special Edition DVD

starwarsWell the fans have spoken (and George Lucas is riding this one all the way to the bank). Just a second, how many times has he sold the same movies to us now? VHS, Laser disc, box set VHS, Special Edition VHS, Special Edition DVD, Non-Special Edition DVD.


Well I am sort of glad that he is doing this, and the way it is going to happen is best for the movies. The DVD’s will include the Special and unedited Non-Special Editions as they were released in the 70’s and 80’s.

They will only be avaliable from September 12th through December 31st.

Honestly, I want a box set of all 6 movies (don’t care if it is special editions or not). I’m sure that we will have to wait a year or so for that to happen.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars: Non-Special Edition DVD

  1. How many times does George Lucas keep expecting us to keep buying different version of these movies over and over again?

  2. I used to read Bill Hunt’s “The Digital Bits” back when DVD was a new format (I bought in real early — June 1998) and the entire Star Wars thing was always the biggest issue and most volatile talking point of DVD (and I guess film in general).

    Lucas originally announced none of the Star Wars films were going to be released until this year — a year after the series was complete. There was talk about how Industrial Light and Magic were working on the original trilogy for the second time for their DVD release and how certain scenes were being supped up…

    Of course, we’ve seen the end results of that with the DVD release of the original trilogy — special edition.

    There was also talk of an all-encompassing edition of Star Wars — a version with deleted scenes from the original movie as part of the movie (Luke hanging out with friends on Tatoonie, and watching the opening battle sequence from the planets surface). Sufice it to say, I hope Lucas never lets that version of the film(s) see the light of day because it’d further ruin the saga as the prequels have (midchlorians? good god, the Force is a disease!).

  3. Even though Lucas is surely doing this now much more for his wallet than for the fans, I’m afraid my inner geek will compel me turn over my hard-earned cash on Sept. 12

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