Napster now free

Well it isn’t like the old days when you could get unlimited mp3’s for free by sharing from other people, although the sharing is a part of it still. You can simply create an account on and listen to ANY of their 2 million songs for free…here’s the catch. No downloading, and you can only listen to a single song 5 times. After that there is no more listening. It does launch the player in a flash window, so you can now enjoy this part of Napster on ANY OS (including OSX and Linux).

Below is the 2nd part of their marketing, a thing they call NapsterLinks. They want you to put them all over your MySpace, blog, emails, IMs, etc. I can understand if it was a player for the song, but it is just a link to their page, LAME.

Move Along

I previously was a paying member of Napster when it first launched. Being an iPod / iTunes / Mac user…Napster isn’t a viable option for me, although I am a fan of the subscription method of getting music.


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