ABC streaming is live

Looks like ABC is just about the most innovative network out there. They were the first to sign a deal with Apple for downloadable shows on the iPod, and now they are launching full episodes streamed over the internet. These of course are ad supported and there is no way to fast forward thru the ads, but free is free.

You can’t download these shows, they are streaming only. The quality (700×390) is better then what you would get for your $1.99 download on iTunes. The shows are out the following day…last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives is already out for viewing.

Very clearly it shows that this is only a 2 month deal….ABC surely will continue it if the demand is high enough. Each episode is sponsored by a single sponsor. The commercials are 30 seconds in length.

The shows offered are Desperate Housewives, Lost, Alias, and Commander-In-Chief. Make sure you have plenty of bandwidth (850k for full screen), if not it can take a few minutes for the show to load up.

I honestly don’t mind watching a few ads on the web to get to my content. I think that more items will go towards this developing trend. Look at the game Moola, it is all ad based and you can win up to 10 million bucks.

Check it out today.


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