Google Calender Button Generator

Well looks like the tool that I had the idea for and Adam (from Nobody Likes Onions) developed made it to the front page of Digg. It is up to over 700 diggs right now.

It creates a button for your website / blog / MySpace / etc where anyone can click on and your event is automatically added to their Google Calendar.

Google supplied the docs on how to create the button, just strange they didn’t design the tool themselves.

Check out Google Cal Button.

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3 thoughts on “Google Calender Button Generator

  1. Schlick! Thanks for the good work, sir…

    In the code generated code, however, I received a quote mark instead of the img tag’s closing slash. ( vs. )


  2. Might just be me, but the way the TZ functionality works seems counterintuitive, i.e. if I am scheduling an event, it would seem to me that I would put in the event in my time zone, and then the application would convert it to GMT/zulu time based on my TZ.

    In fact, it seems to do the opposite. I have an event scheduled to start at 0400 EDT, so I put that as the start time, and tell it that I am in the EDT TZ, which is GMT-4. I would have expected the button maker to therefore add four hours to the input time to come up the correct UTC time (0800Z), instead, it subtracted the four hours, putting the start time of the event at (0000Z).

    I’ve not clicked the button, but will Gcal somehow reverse this?

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