Casio 10 megapixels

I bought my Casio 5 megapixel camera back in September of last year, and I’ve really enjoyed using it.

Now they have gone and upgraded the phone from 2.7 to 2.8 inches screen and doubled the megapixels and kept the 3X zoom.

As soon as there is a price for this, I am highly thinking of upgrading. The problem is that I’m sure it will be over $500 for this camera…worth the upgrade?


3 thoughts on “Casio 10 megapixels

  1. I don’t think it will be worth it. I have read some interesting articles on digital cameras in my Popular Mechanics and PopSci magazines. Both commented that due to the smaller size of cameras a 10 megapixel camera’s pictures might not enlarge much better than your current 5 megapixel camera. This is because the CCD chip is probably the same size meaning that each pixel on the CCD is smaller then the 5 megapixel chip. So when you blow that picture up for your blog or to make prints you won’t see too much increase in quality.


  2. I have the Casio Ex-Z55 since the beginning of last year and I love it. I know there have been updates screen size wise, but I have no complaints on the less-upgraded version. Casio is the best! I can’t believe they have a 10 pixel one out though. I would love that even if it’s the “same” quality as your friend commented about me. Mines 5. The best part of Casio’s cameras is that they are so small and compact!

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