1000 WordPress posts

I realized today that I am up to 1000 blog posts on WordPress. I had about 1000 with my old software, Radio Userland. It’s funny in many ways I am not even using the full power of WordPress. I don’t have the WordPress WYSIWYG interface, I just write out all the code.

Here is a link to my first post with WordPress back on June 25th, 2005.

I have to say that I really like WordPress and the flexibility it offers. Thru using it, I’ve learned some php along the process. It’s a great piece of blogging software, and it’s FREE!

Technically with all my blogs combined it isn’t my 1000th post (FlickrLicio.us had over 30,000 posts), but on this site this is post 1000.

Thanks for such a great product Matt, Ryan, Alex King, and everyone else who created WP!


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