A real iPod killer

I am SICK of hearing the term “iPod killer.” There will not be a device that knocks iPod off the high pedestal that it is on.

There can however be a device that for me makes me switch from the iPod. It’s more of a merge of multiple devices…let me describe.

I’ve used XM online, Sirius online, Napster 2.0, Yahoo! Music Store, Sprint Music Store, Sprint Power Vision, iTunes, iPods, and many other ways to get content anywhere you want. I want to mix up some of these devices into one.

The device needs to have EDGE/EVDO or some sort of high speed internet access. On the MDA, I was able to steam music from Sirius and other internet radio channels.

Napster 2.0 and Yahoo! Music Unlimited both allow for streaming of songs via your computer on their application, you can also download songs to take on a mobile device with these services.

Why not mix it all up. An EVDO/EDGE device (most likely cell phone) that has Napster or Yahoo! Music installed on it that can stream the music at their $6.95-$9.95 monthly fee.

This would be cheaper than XM or Sirius, and you can listen to ANY song they have at ANY time you want. No need to buy the songs, whatever song you want it is instantly delivered to you right there and then.

I know that if you are an iPod fan you shouldn’t want to have the “subscription music” where it all goes away once you stop paying, but that IS WHAT I WANT!!! I’d rather pay $9.95/month for ALL the music I could ever want, than $9.99 each time I want a new cd.

You know what, I wouldn’t even mind if the device had ZERO storage space and was only able to play songs streamed from Napster/Yahoo.

The easiest way to make this device is simply to come out with Napster or Yahoo Music software for Windows Mobile 5. Tell me you wouldn’t buy a device that had access to EVERY song you could ever think of instantly….


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