Online Photos 2.0

Okay as I previously mentioned my Flickr account ran out on Tuesday. I was faced with the decision to keep the account or let it go to the non-pro account.

Flickr message

This is the message Flickr put on my page once the acocunt ran out. Before it did, I found a program called Flickr Backup. It downloads (in full quality) all of the pictures on your Flickr account. That was 2537 photos. It took a little while, but worked well. I recommend you do this if your Flickr account is about to be taken off Pro. You won’t be able to get your pics back unless you pay for a pro account.

So I wanted to see what the other options are are. Riya sounded like a good solution. Let me explain some of the features:

  • No limit to the number of photos you can add to Riya photo search.
  • No bandwidth limit.
  • No serving limit (although please do not use as an image service for your own site).
  • No hosting limit (Riya isn’t a hosting service, but it does keep an 800 x 600 version and a thumbnail of your photos for search purposes).
  • SWEET, and all of that for free. Let me upload my photos. Wait….it isn’t easy at all. First you NEED Windows XP. You can’t have a mac. You can’t submit via cell phone. You can’t submit via email, and you can’t upload pictures on via the website. WTF?!?!

    So, I did the Riya uploader via their little program. It took the entire night and into the morning. Now what can I do with these photos? I can search them. . . . . .

    Now Riya is pretty sweet as that it can recognize faces and you teach it who each person is. The technology works fairly well, but this isn’t what I want in a online photo service. I want to use the pics on my blog, share pictures from trips, etc. None of this is as easily done with Riya compared to Flickr.

    Finally, I looked into Photobucket. They limit your account based on disk space, not a paticular upload amount per month. 1 gig for free and 5 for the pro account. Flickr has an upload limit of 2 gigs per month with no max storage usage. Free Flickr accounts on Flickr can only display 200 pictures and the upload bandwidth is only 20 megs. Image size is limited to 1meg and 2 megs pro, Flickr has no limit.

    In the end I decided to stay with Flickr, and upgrade to the Pro account for $24.95/year. I will continue to upload to Riya as often as I can, but I seriously doubt I will even visit their site that often. I recommend that if you are looking for a great photo service on the web, upgrade to a Flickr Pro account. Also, check out my Flickr photos.


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