You want addictive, here it is. It’s a beta game called Moola, and they feature it as an “AdverTournament”.

The concept is simple. They give you a penny. Every game you play you can double your money. A penny doubled 30 times is over $10 million! Now let me tell you the best part, it’s free. You have to watch a 15-30 second commercial and answer a question about it before you can play the game.

Right now they only have a game called Gold Rush where you have 6 pieces of gold weighing1-6lbs. You play against someone else and whoever’s gold stack weighs the most at the end wins that round. It’s a balance, and there is a random 1-6lb piece of gold put in the center each round.

That’s it, every round someone doubles their money. There is also a referral program where you get a portion of the earning of those you refer. I only had 3 and 1 is left. I want to give it to someone who is really going to play this.

The creater even has a blog where he talk about new things happening with the game. Games 2 and 3 are coming soon.

You can cash out at $10 up to twice a month. The highest check so far is $520, and the highest cummulative earnings is $3660.

If you want to play against me, my name is NickStarr in the game, now back to playing…


27 thoughts on “Moola

  1. If you run into another invite, I would really appreciate it. I’m very interested in playing this.

    trish at vew dot net

  2. This is a rather addicting site. I actually have a few invites if anyone wants one. Send me an email at

    needmoney08 (at)

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