Sprint phone

I’ve been using the Sprint A-920 for a few weeks now, and I really like it’s web functions. Everyone I’ve showed it to thinks that even though the screen is not as big as an iPod, it is very viewable for the TV/cartoon shorts.


The memory card that it comes with is 32 megs, and the songs downloaded from the Sprint Music Store are only about 800k each. It uses Trans Flash which is pretty cool that it can get so much memory in a card so small. There is an adapter for the TF card to plug into a SD card slot as shown below.

I am using the phone for my primary phone currently, but not for text messaging etc. I also just got a Over-The-Air software update as I was typing this, so I will see what changed. Doesn’t seem to be much.

I listen to music on it all the time, more than I do my mp3 player, simply because I don’t need headphones, the speakers on it are good enough to listen to music with. The tv items, especially the cartoons are great for kids. If you are a parent, this phone will keep your children entertained for hours.

If you are in the market for a flip style phone, but need something more this is a great phone. Thanks again to Sprint for sending it to me.


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