Flickr Pro account

I am a bit torn on if I should keep my Flickr Pro account. I don’t upload a ton of pictures to Flickr, unless there is some trip I go on or something like that. I was given a free Flickr Pro account last year and have 5 days to decide if I want to keep it.

If I don’t, I can only upload 20mb of files a month. Also only the last 200 photos will show up and they will limit the number of photosets.

The price is $24.95, but after the rough year I’ve had with Flickr, I am not sure what to do. Somoene could gift me (NickStarr) another year if they wanted to 😉

I like the service that Flickr offers, just not sure that I can see myself giving money to a company that has given me so much grief over the past year.



7 thoughts on “Flickr Pro account

  1. I have the same issue at this moment… Got a pro-account last year, but I don’t think I will continue as I have a Dreamhost account with enough space for my pics and a Gallery 2 install… If Flickr had video-space I would keep the Pro-account…

  2. I still have a year left on my Flickr account, but I think if I had to I would renew. I have other places to upload pics, a Dreamhost account a .mac account, but Flickr is just nice and easy to use. I am sure I will keep mine.

  3. as you said you don’t upload a bunch of photos.
    you’ll get as much photos as you do now if you jsut resize your 2000+ px photos to around 1000px

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am Chiayu Peng from China,
    I begun using Flickr to store and share my digital photoes not long ago.
    I have a digital camra of myself, and I take a lot of photoes every month.
    But, a free Flickr account can only upload a limited photoes, just 20M, it not enough for me.
    I tried to upgrade to a Pro account, but I have no International credit card such as Visa or Discovery Card to pay.
    So if you have enough money, can you please buy me a Pro account.
    Thank you so much if you could help.

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