I haven’t written about in quite some time. In fact I’ve forgotten about their service until recently when my iPod shuffle died. I even suggested it to my room-mate today for use with his school project. I wrote a HUGE review of the service quite some time ago. The text is archived, but the pictures are not showing up anymore. That was back when I was on Radio Userland.

It’s a great service and now it is free. Well there is an account for 1 gig that is free. 5 gigs is $4.99 a month, and 15 gigs is $9.99 a month.

If you need a little bit of extra space with a sleek ajaxy interface, easy to upload, public and private sharing, rss feeds of your uploads, and MANY more features, check out

Wow, I was browsing the site and they now have desktop sync that can be set at a specific time. Now that is a sweet feature.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Nick,

    Ever since I visited, I have been getting nothing but popups on firefox advertising that site. Do they install some sort of ad-popup software or something, cause I’ll even get it when I visit something like Wikipedia.

  2. I have recently invited 7 friends and requested them to sign up and they did it. Then quickly I got an upgrade to 5Gb premium account. Good.
    Now today when I logged in I see that my account have been downgraded back to 1Gb free user? WTF???
    My brand new premium user account lasted just less than two days (and it was supposed to last for 1 year…)

    Sorry for my english but it’s not my native tongue.

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