HOLY CRAP! Apple does XP

Apple has gone to boot camp and come up with their own way of running XP natively on a Mac (intel only). HOLY CRAP!

It’s called Boot Camp and it’s in Beta currently. An 83 meg download is all that is required to download to start the process.

It looks like all you need is 10 gigs of space, a blank cd, a XP SP2 cd (Home or Pro FULL, no upgrade or MCE allowed), and the latest version of OS X Tiger 10.4.6.

Here is the pdf docs from start to finish what to do. Hold down the option key (alt) key to switch between Mac or Windows at bootup.

I never thought I would see this day. Questions I have now are, do the video drivers, audio, etc all work correctly? From the description they do.

And the biggest question, will PC’s soon offer to run OS X natively on a PC? That right there could be the single biggest blow to Apple, since they are a hardware company.

The tech world just changed in a major way today. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


5 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP! Apple does XP

  1. As for the second part…about Mac running on a PC…

    Not gonna happen.

    From what I understand there is some fundamental hardware difference between a PC and MAC that will not allow OSX to run on a standard PC.

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