Front Page news…

Yesterday in the St. Petersburg Times I was on the front cover (above the fold) of the paper. The story was REALLY good, and the pictures turned out great as well. I am going to be scanning in some of the pictures that were in the paper and not online.

The article was written by Chase Squires and pictures taken by Bob Croslin who followed me around for an entire day. I went to the doctor, work, there was an Apple announcement that day (Intel Mac Mini & iPod HiFi), went to Tuesday night dinner at my parents (per tradition), went home and watched some TV, and recorded an episode of Nobody Likes Onions that night.

The article is mainly about how technology interacts with my life on a daily basis and all the gadgets I use. I watched TV on the PSP, watched some music videos on the iPod, and went home with my Media Center PC and Mac Mini with Front Row.

It is a great read and soooo many people have approached me already about the article and recognizing me. If you came to the site from the article, welcome. I mainly write about new technology and my personal life items here. Subscribe via RSS or email to stay current with the recent happenings here.

You can read the article here.


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