Growing trend: Shrinkage


Well Apple has made yet another move to prove how enviromentally friendly they are by shrinking the retail box of Tiger. This new box contains the latest version of Tiger 10.4.6.

I can’t remember if there was anything that needed to be big in the Tiger box when I got my copy, but then again if you don’t have Tiger by now…what’s up with that?

Google Calender Button Generator

Well looks like the tool that I had the idea for and Adam (from Nobody Likes Onions) developed made it to the front page of Digg. It is up to over 700 diggs right now.

It creates a button for your website / blog / MySpace / etc where anyone can click on and your event is automatically added to their Google Calendar.

Google supplied the docs on how to create the button, just strange they didn’t design the tool themselves.

Check out Google Cal Button.

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1000 WordPress posts

I realized today that I am up to 1000 blog posts on WordPress. I had about 1000 with my old software, Radio Userland. It’s funny in many ways I am not even using the full power of WordPress. I don’t have the WordPress WYSIWYG interface, I just write out all the code.

Here is a link to my first post with WordPress back on June 25th, 2005.

I have to say that I really like WordPress and the flexibility it offers. Thru using it, I’ve learned some php along the process. It’s a great piece of blogging software, and it’s FREE!

Technically with all my blogs combined it isn’t my 1000th post ( had over 30,000 posts), but on this site this is post 1000.

Thanks for such a great product Matt, Ryan, Alex King, and everyone else who created WP!

Life as…

This blog has become a site where many people come for daily tech news, which I don’t mind because I love talking tech, and it so nice to be able to do so and have other people listen and talk back with me.

In the shuffle, there has been less posts about me and what I’m up to on a daily basis. I used to write a weekend wrapup, and was able to express my thoughts. It just feels awkward writing about my most recent adventures between Apple and Google news….

So, I created a new blog. The layout isn’t finished, but its there and after all content is king. Check it out and subscribe:

Casio 10 megapixels

I bought my Casio 5 megapixel camera back in September of last year, and I’ve really enjoyed using it.

Now they have gone and upgraded the phone from 2.7 to 2.8 inches screen and doubled the megapixels and kept the 3X zoom.

As soon as there is a price for this, I am highly thinking of upgrading. The problem is that I’m sure it will be over $500 for this camera…worth the upgrade?